merge  mansion  thanksgiving  2022

Thanksgiving celebrations have began early for Merge Mansion players because the seasonal event hit the gaming app this week. The 2022 Thanksgiving occasion started on Thursday (November 17) and is about to run for a complete of 14 days till the start of December”

Those trying to enroll in in on the thanksgiving gameplay must be a level 12 or better.

You must be level 12 and above to take part

As described on a fan wiki web page committed to the mobile app’s Thanksgiving event, players have to complete the primary venture to liberate get right of entry to to the Thanksgiving occasion storage.

How to get the keepsake box in Merge Mansion Thanksgiving event

To get keepsake box you click the sofa/ couch until it is empty and it changes into keepsake box

What happens at the end of an event in Merge Mansion?

At the end of the occasion, the event storage is now not available. If you repeat the occasion, you'll lose all your development within the preceding round and start over. However you may keep replaying to get better stage praise items until you finish the undertaking that activated it.